Best 5 Places to Buy Mining Rigs

Best 5 Places to Buy Mining Rigs

So, you want to buy a mining rig but don’t know where to look for? With so many options available online, it is difficult to decide the best place to buy one. Below are the top five places to buy mining rigs:


BlokForge is a U.S based ASIC hardware and related service provider. They offer competitive prices on ASIC, GPU, Coin, Hash, and related accessories. The company claims their sales team is trained to provide good customer service.

Best 5 Places to Buy Mining Rigs

BlockForge provides global shipping. In their online store, they only accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash, and wire transfer. You can also pick up your order from their retail store. BlockForge claims 98% of the stock is instore items and shipment within 24 hours.

Online store features:

  • New and used miners
  • Bulk ordering miners
  • Power supplies
  • Accessories for mining
  • Hardware wallets
  • Video cards & power cords
  • Other apparel & accessories

Interestingly, BlokForge has a guides section on their website. This is a great place to learn if you are new to mining bitcoin and setting up your mining rig. Unlike many other retailers, BlokForge also has an affiliate program.


Bitmain is located in China. They are the largest manufacturer of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). Bitmain’s ASICs are popular for efficiency and consuming less power. Bitmain is not limited to Bitcoin miners; they also produce ASICs for Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash. They also sell power supplies and other hardware for miners.

Best 5 Places to Buy Mining Rigs

Bitmain has its own mining pool. and Antpool. They earn revenue from mining as well as selling their equipment. Bitmain online store features SHA256/Bitcoin Miners, Blake(14r) Miners, Power Supply and Parts.

However, Bitmain is surrounded by controversy for their ASICs. A vulnerability found in ASIC firmware can remotely shut down hardware. This was called the Antbleeder backdoor. However, this vulnerability was fixed shortly after the release of the exploit. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability to shut down mining equipment at a large scale. With the dominance of Bitmain hardware in Bitcoin mining, this could be catastrophic. It is unclear whether Antbleeder was simply a bug in their firmware or was designed for the sole intention of remotely shutting down mining hardware.


MininCave is based in Canada. Their online store has all the necessary equipment for miners. It features ASICs, GPU miners, rig kits, frames, and hardware. MiningCave offers worldwide delivery using DHL and UPS which enables anyone in the world to participate in mining.

where to buy a mining rig

Apart from selling mining equipment, they also offer mining pools. Miners can pool their resources and increase the computational power to increase the chances of mining successfully. With increasing difficulty, it is becoming harder and harder for solo miners to mine on their own. Pooling your resources is how you get around this.

Their customer service is good. Additionally, they provide maintenance services. Although this comes at an extra cost, they are prompt to reply and fix your issues. Beginner or expert, their customer service is invaluable. MiningCave also features a section for current events, on their website. This keeps users updated with important events in the crypto space which is valuable if you are a miner.

MiningCave also has a private telegram group. This group provides tips and advice for traders. The cost to join the private group is a little pricey. 59.07 USD monthly or 522.64 USD yearly. I would suggest looking elsewhere for trading tips and advice.


SharkMining was founded by BIZON company. Sharkmining is based in Miami, Florida. Sharkmining online store has 4 GPU, 6 GPU, 8 GPU AMD and NVIDIA mining rigs for sale. These mining rigs are professionally built to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, and other coins. They also have Bitmain’s ASICs for sale.

Best 5 Places to Buy Mining Rigs

They claim their components are brand new and come with the manufacturers’ warranty. Sharkmining has its own operating system, ‘SharkOS’ for their rigs. Some features of this OS includes remote control, touch screen, and Plug-and-play. You can see the full list of features here.

Sharkmining provides free shipping to the US. They claim all rigs are built by professionals and provide premier customer service with their dedicated technical support team. They also provide optimization, repair, and monitor of mining rigs.

BIZON company is not limited to selling just mining rigs. They also sell custom built workstations for 2D and 3D graphics, CAD systems, deep learning, and video editing. Additionally, they can build your own data center. You can learn more about it here.

eBay & Alibaba

eBay and Alibaba is another place to buy mining rigs. However, the risk of getting scammed is high compared to companies that solely sell mining rigs. This is mostly because eBay and Alibaba allow anyone to post an ad. You have no way of verifying if the seller is legit. The best you could do is look at the customer reviews. Even then, these reviews can be faked. It is important that you never pay with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency when buying from eBay or Alibaba. You are most likely to get scammed if you do so. Always go through the website’s own payment gateway.

Best 5 Places to Buy Mining Rigs

However, buying from eBay or Alibaba has an advantage. You can shop for individual parts and assemble them. This considerably reduces the price of a rig. Of course, you will have to assemble it yourself. There are so many free guides on how to do it. If you buy an already assembled rig from eBay or Alibaba, you are usually paying in thousands for assembling. This is a waste of many for an hour’s work.


If you are located in the U.S and want to buy a used miner or order in bulk at a cheap price, BlokForge is the place. MiningCave and Sharkmining is the best place for you if you need advice and training in setting up your rig. If you want to buy an ASIC, Bitmain is where you should shop. If you have the time to assemble a rig, eBay or Alibaba is where you should look for.