Best Apps to Earn Bitcoin on iPhone

Best Games to Earn Bitcoin on iPhone

Who doesn’t love free bitcoin? Services like BitcoinGet, allow you to complete small tasks in return for a small amount of bitcoin. Also, there are freelance services that pay you in bitcoin for doing freelance work. BlockLancer and CryptoGrind are some of these services. In this article, we will list 6 apps that reward you in bitcoin for playing their game or completing simple tasks.

Alien Run

bitcoin alien run

This game is very addictive. You have 5 levels on adventure mode. Each level increases in difficulty. When you complete the 5th level, you are rewarded a random amount of Satoshi. You can watch a video to claim a different reward. The daily missions have significantly higher rewards as you progress through the levels. You can claim rewards as you progress in the daily mission or complete more levels to claim higher rewards. Additionally, you can complete offers to earn satoshi. You can input your Coinbase email address to receive satoshi directly to account. Once you reach a balance of 10,000 satoshis, they are sent to Coinbase.

Blockchain Game

blockchain game

This is another free game by Daniel Bainbridge. The goal of this game is to build a long blockchain by stacking blocks. The higher you build the chain, the higher the reward you get. You can claim rewards when you reach a certain point or continue stacking for higher rewards. Higher you go, harder it gets to stack blocks. When you reach a balance of 10,000 Satoshi, coins are sent to your Coinbase wallet. The highest reward you can earn is 100,000 Satoshi. When you click claim, a reward is chosen randomly from big, medium, and minimum. There is a practice mode as well. The app is available on iPhone and iPad. You can download it here.

Bitcoin Aliens

bitcoin aliens

This game is incredibly simple. All you have to do is kill aliens. Unique missions are added every 3 hours. You can conquer new worlds with new bosses for rewards in Satoshi. As you progress through the levels, aliens become difficult to kill. This app has an endless supply of aliens. Rewards get higher as you progress through the levels. Once you reach a balance of 20,000 Satoshi, coins are sent directly to your Coinbase address. The app is available on iPhone and iPad. Download it here.

Free Bitcoin

free bitcoin

This app is more of a faucet than a game. Incredibly simple to play. You get to claim a reward every hour. There are 3 types of rewards. Crazy, Modern and Classic. Each type has its own odds of winning a reward. Additionally, you can watch videos to claim Satoshi. Once you reach a balance of 20,000, coins are sent to your wallet.

Game of Birds

game of birds

This is a fun game where you have to place bombs strategically to let a little chick fly away to freedom. This chick is surrounded by owls. The bombs you place will blow the owls, allowing the chick to fly away. If you place a bomb too close to the chick, it will die. This game has 44 levels spanned over 2 worlds and more levels are frequently added. There are different types of bombs for you to choose from but watch out for foxes, zombies, and wildfire. In each level, you have the chance to collect in-game coins. You can later redeem these coins for real bitcoin rewards. You can link your Coinbase wallet in the app to receive rewards directly to your Coinbase wallet. The app is available on iPhone and iPad.

Bitcoin Game

bitcoin the game

This is a puzzle game similar to candy crush. Your goal is to drag bitcoins and place it on a grid of 10 by 10 squares. Fill a row or a column to clear out these coins. You will see the progress bar on the top. When you clear these coins, your progress bar gets filled. You will be rewarded with bitcoin every few seconds. This game is very easy to learn yet very challenging to master. You will lose if you run out of space for your blocks. This is a game that not only rewards you with bitcoin but challenges your brain to improve spatial and logical thinking. Rewards you earn can be later redeemed for Redcoin.



This is an app that rewards you for answering messages and completing simple tasks. First, you create a public profile to allow people to give you tasks or send messages. You will be rewarded with bitcoin each time you complete the task or answer their messages. You can withdraw your earnings directly to Coinbase or bitcoin wallet. You will be rewarded a small amount when you complete verifying your profile. This is one of those apps where you have the opportunity to earn big or earn nothing at all.

Free Bitcoin Cash

earn bitcoin from iPhone apps

Very similar to Free Bitcoin app but rewards you in Bitcoin Cash. You are able to claim a reward every hour and additional bonuses. Payouts are sent every week to your Bitcoin cash wallet.

Alternate Ways to Earn from an iPhone


You can earn from faucets using your iPhone. These are sites that reward you for doing simple tasks like filling captchas and clicking on ads. You won’t earn much but, do it for a long time, you will accumulate a significant amount especially if the bitcoin price shoots up. Faucets can be done using a Mac or PC, but this article is on “Best Apps to Earn Bitcoin on iPhone”, so you can also do it with an iPhone.

Cointiply Faucet

This is my favorite faucet. You can claim a reward every hour. Every time you click claim, you will be rewarded with at least 37 coins. If you get a prime number when you spin, your reward will be much higher. Cointiply has a loyalty bonus as well. Additionally, you can earn coins watching videos and completing offers. Faucet

bitcoin faucet

This is another faucet that can be done using an iPhone. Just like Cointiply, you can roll a dice every hour. You can multiply your bitcoins using their HI-LO game which they claim “provably fair”. This faucet is one of the top faucets in the crypto world. Faucet

dogecoin faucet

This is very similar to but instead of bitcoins, you are rewarded with Dogecoin. Dogecoin was initially created as a joke but to everyone’s surprise, gained massive popularity and skyrocketed in value. I have compiled a list of my favorite faucets here.


These are the top apps to earn bitcoin on your iPhone or iPad. Don’t expect to become a millionaire, using these apps. You won’t be rewarded much and takes a long time to accumulate. But, if you keep using these apps, it can eventually add up to a significant amount. Persistence is key. We hope you all the best and fun using them!