Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Fiat Currency

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Fiat Currency

Here are the top cryptocurrency exchanges with fiat:

  1. Binance
  2. KuCoin
  3. Changelly
  4. LocalBitCoins
  5. Coinbase
  6. Gemini
  7. Bitstamp

Cryptocurrency is getting increasingly popular and more and more people enter the crypto world. There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges out there, but not all of them allow you to trade with fiat.

However, there are a few exchanges that do allow users to trade cryptocurrency with fiat.

Before we list out the top cryptocurrency exchanges that allow crypto to fiat transactions, it is important to identify 3 main different types of cryptocurrency exchanges. This can make your trading experience a lot smoother.

1) Cryptocurrency trading platforms

These platforms allow users to place buy and sell orders. Buyers and sellers do not interact with each other directly, instead, they place orders on the platform and the platform mediates buying and selling. These platforms charge a service fee for this.

2) Peer-to-peer exchange platforms

These platforms allow the buyer and sellers to interact directly with each other. The buyer or seller can create an offer and advertise on the platform. If the buyer or seller is interested, he can respond to the offer. What is best about peer-to-peer exchanges is that they have multiple ways of buying and selling cryptocurrency. The platform does not interfere here. The responsibility of the platform is to provide escrow services and intervene when disputes arise.

3) Cryptocurrency Brokers

Similar to Forex broker services, the buyer can purchase cryptocurrency from these platforms. The majority of cryptocurrency brokerage services require you to get verified. The variety of cryptocurrency they sell and the payment methods they accept are usually very limited. The cryptocurrency broker sets the price here.

So, here are the top cryptocurrency exchanges with fiat currency:


best Cryptocurrency Exchange with Fiat currencyBinance is arguably the best cryptocurrency exchange we have today. This exchange has absolutely everything crypto-related; from margin trading to futures contracts to p2p exchange to buying crypto with bank cards to lending crypto to everything that has to do with crypto.

Until recently, Binance only dealt with cryptocurrency. But now, this exchange also supports crypto to fiat transactions on their Binance Jersey platform. At the time of writing, this platform only supports EUR and GBP. These 2 currencies can be exchanged for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance coin, etc.

If you want to trade USD or other currencies with cryptocurrency, you can still do it using their p2p exchange. Yes! Binance has its own p2p platform. This platform allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat. However, unlike Binance Jersey, you are buying/selling directly from other users. These buyers and sellers have their own terms and conditions.

When you buy cryptocurrency with fiat, the funds will be deposited to your Binance account. You can use it to trade on their trading platform. This trading platform is one of the most liquid cryptocurrency trading platforms today. The coins listed on this platform have significant volume. You will never face a liquidity issue.

Additionally, you can buy cryptocurrency with a debit/credit card or a bank transfer. Card transactions are processed quickly compared to bank transfers. You can buy some of the most popular cryptocurrency using this platform. When the transaction is complete, cryptocurrency is deposited into your Binance account.

As with all cryptocurrency exchanges that support crypto to fiat transactions, Binance also requires verification before you are allowed to trade with fiat. This verification process requires you to give your government ID or other identity documents.

It is important to mention that you are only required to get verified if you are dealing with fiat. As for regular traders, verification is optional. They are allowed to withdraw up to 2 BTC every 24 hours without verification. If they want to lift this limitation, verification is mandatory.

Binance exchange can be categorized as a cryptocurrency trading platform or a cryptocurrency broker or a p2p platform. This is because Binance is all of them.

What makes this platform even greater is its reward program. You are given a discount on your trading fee if you hold their native coin – Binance Coin.

Interestingly, Binance also has a mobile app version of its platform. You can get the Binance app for your iPhone or Android.


best Cryptocurrency Exchange with Fiat currency - KuCoinKuCoin is almost the exact copy of Binance. What makes this cryptocurrency exchange popular among cryptocurrency traders is its various reward incentives. If you hold their native coin – KuCoin Shares, you are given a discount on your trading fee and also the profit KuCoin generates from their trading fee is shared with you.

You can use KuCoin platform to buy cryptocurrency with credit/debit cards. They support buying cryptocurrency with USD, EUR, and a few other major currencies. When the transaction is complete, cryptocurrency is deposited into your KuCoin account. You can use this cryptocurrency to trade on their trading platform.

KuCoin’s trading platform has all major, established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc, as well as hundreds of small obscure coins to trade with. It is important to note that unlike Binance Jersey, KuCoin does not support any fiat to crypto trading pairs. However, KuCoin does support margin trading and futures contracts.

KuCoin also has its own Android and iPhone app versions of its exchange. You can do everything you do on the web version of their platform, on your smartphone now.

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency broker as well as a trading platform.


best Cryptocurrency Exchange with Fiat currency - ChangellyChangelly is arguably one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy cryptocurrency with fiat. This platform supports crypto to crypto transactions as well as crypto to fiat transactions. At the time of writing, EU customers can sell Bitcoin for Euros.

It is important to note that Changelly does not support any fiat to crypto trading pairs. Although, you can buy cryptocurrency with debit/credit cards. Unlike other platforms listed in this article, Changelly is not a trading platform. It is more of a cryptocurrency swapping service than a trading platform.

If you are planning on buying cryptocurrency with debit/credit cards using Changelly, please be aware of Changelly restrictions. You can read the limits and restrictions of Changelly here. If you are buying Cryptocurrency from Changelly for the first time, proof of identity is required. If you only trade crypto with crypto, proof of identity is not required. Changelly is a cryptocurrency broker as well as a trading platform.

Other Platforms

These platforms also support crypto-fiat transactions:

Note about Stablecoins

If you do not want to convert cryptocurrency to fiat right away, you can use a Stablecoin to mimic the function of cash. USDT (Tether) is the most popular Stablecoin in the crypto world. Tether tokens are backed 1:1 by the US dollar. All cryptocurrency exchanges listed in this article and many other cryptocurrency exchanges have included Tether in the list of coins they support. All major exchanges have included Tether trading pairs with other cryptocurrencies. So, you can trade Tether with crypto like you would trade USD with crypto.


Not all cryptocurrency exchanges support crypto to fiat transactions. All cryptocurrency exchanges that do support crypto-fiat transactions require identity verification. Above listed platforms are some of the best platforms that support fiat.