Best Freelance Services that Pay in Bitcoin

Top 3 Freelance Services that Pay in Bitcoin

There are so many ways to earn bitcoin online right now. The market for bitcoin is getting bigger day by day and more people are getting involved with bitcoin. If you want to earn bitcoin but can’t afford to buy a bitcoin miner or doesn’t like the idea of wasting your electricity to earn bitcoin, you do not need to worry. Freelancing your way to earning bitcoin is a viable option. Here are the top freelance services that pay in Bitcoin for work you do:


XBTFreelancer is my top pick for earning bitcoin through freelancing. It’s a great place to find online jobs that suit your skills. And if you are an employer, XBTFreelancer has 62,000 talented freelancers in various parts of the world. However, getting assigned to a job may be quite difficult. Compared to 62,000 freelancers, there are only 60 jobs available at the moment of writing. Most of the job postings here are related to programming and web development. XBTFreelancer has a built-in escrow system which makes it easier and safer for both freelancer and employer. Its affiliate program pays 35% of commissions generated by your affiliates for a lifetime period.


Another popular site for freelancing is Cryptogrind. What is unique about this service is its multi-signature escrow feature. This is more secure than single-signature transactions. Multi-signature escrow provides additional security for transactions. Cryptogrind claims that they do not store bitcoin in a database or locally owned wallet. They access the blockchain directly for transactions. There aren’t many categories in Cryptogrind compared to XBTFreelancer thus making it concise and easier to navigate. The site is very user-friendly and straightforward.


Best Freelance Services that Pay in Bitcoin

Coinality is another popular service that connects freelancers with employers. You can get paid in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. You can find full time, part time, hourly, one time, temporary and freelance jobs here. Unlike XBTFreelancer and Cryptogrind, you can easily find resumes of freelancers. You can sort freelancers by distance. At Coinality, negotiations are handled independently between employer and freelancer. They claim all submitted jobs are reviewed by humans. There is a wide range of categories ranging from accounting, advertising, IT to telecommunications and medical.

These are the top 3 freelancing services I recommend to get paid in bitcoin. Apart from these three, there are many other services that provide jobs for freelancers. Blocklancer, Bitgigs, and Ethlance are among them.

Getting paid in bitcoin is safer compared to bank transfers, PayPal and various other forms of payments. If you are a freelancer, then you are at the risk of encountering charge-backs from scammers posing to be employees. You do not need a bank, need not worry about international transaction fees, easy to set up, no charge-backs if you just accept bitcoin.