Best Graphics Cards to Mine BEAM

Best Graphics Cards to Mine BEAM

BEAM was the first cryptocurrency to implement the MimbleWimble protocol, which was envisioned back in 2016 by an anonymous individual who decided to use the pseudonym “Tom Elvis Jedusor”.

MimbleWimble protocol gained a lot of attention for its privacy and efficiency enhancements that are inherent with the unique model it uses.

BEAM emphasizes a private store of value rather than a medium of exchange. Similar to Bitcoin, BEAM uses a model that has a limited supply of coins. BEAM will be capped at 263 million coins.

Now, if you are planning on mining BEAM, this article is for you. In this article, we will look at some of the best graphics cards to mine BEAM.

RTX 2080 Ti
RTX 2080 Ti

BEAM uses the Beam Hash III mining algorithm – a modified version of Equihash (144,5s) proof-of-work mining algorithm. So to answer the question, “what is the best graphics card to mine BEAM”, it is the graphics card that has the highest hash rate when hashing BEAM.

Although, it is important to understand that the best graphics card does not mean it is the most profitable one. It simply means that the graphics card has the highest hash rate when mining BEAM.

If you want to find the most profitable graphics card to mine BEAM, you will have to consider factors like the cost of the graphics card, efficiency, market price of BEAM, and the electricity fees where you live. It ultimately comes down to choosing the best graphics card that suits your budget. If you live in an area with very cheap electricity, the efficiency of the graphics card becomes much less important of a factor.

Finding the most profitable graphics card requires you to use a mining calculator. The most profitable graphics card is the one that break-even the fastest. That is when the mining profits cover all costs associated with mining. The goal of any miner is to recoup the costs associated with mining as fast as possible. Only then can you earn a profit.

You can use the table below as a guide to select the best graphics card according to your requirements:

Graphics Card Hash Rate (Beam Hash III) Power Consumption Efficiency Price Profit
RTX 2080 Ti Check Price
RTX 2080 28 H/s 168 W Check Price
RTX 2070 23.2 H/s 170 W Check Price
RTX 2060 Check Price
GTX 1660 Ti 13 H/s 90 W Check Price
GTX 1660 Check Price
GTX 1080 Ti 27.2 H/s 198 W Check Price
GTX 1080 17 H/s 198 W Check Price
GTX 1070 Ti 16.4 H/s 90 W Check Price
GTX 1070 15 H/s 110 W Check Price
GTX 1060 8.2 H/s 112 W Check Price
GTX 1050 Ti Check Price
Radeon VII Check Price
Radeon RX 5700 XT Check Price
RX Vega 64 Check Price
RX Vega 56 Check Price
RX 580 Check Price
RX 570 Check Price
RX 480 Check Price
RX 470 Check Price

The price of graphics cards fluctuates with the profitability of cryptocurrency mining. As mentioned previously, to find the most profitable graphics card for mining BEAM, you must find the graphics card that break-even the fastest.

You can check how fast you are going to break-even when you input the cost of the graphics card in the “Hardware cost” field of the calculator and click calculate.

If your favorite graphics cards are not listed in the table above, you can always calculate the profitability manually. All you have to do is find the hash rate, power consumption, and the cost of the graphics card. Then input these values in a mining calculator and estimate the profitability.

You can easily look up your graphics card’s benchmarks on Google. If you can’t find it, you will have to download BEAM mining software, mine BEAM, and average out the hash rate and the power consumption of your mining rig when mining BEAM. Then input these values on a calculator like WhatToMine and estimate profitability.

You can download BEAM mining software here. To measure the power consumption of your mining rig, check out here.

If your graphics card is not powerful enough or you can’t afford a powerful graphics card, do not be disappointed. You can still obtain BEAM by buying from a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance.

GRIN is another cryptocurrency that uses the MimbleWimble protocol. You can check out GRIN mining benchmarks here.

With the fluctuating prices of graphics cards and varying costs of electricity across the globe, it is difficult to pick the most profitable graphics card at all times. So you must learn how to find the most profitable graphics card at the given moment. That is the goal of this article.

How to Increase BEAM Mining Profit

There are a few things you could do to increase BEAM mining profit. You can overclock your graphics card to increase the hash power of your graphics card. You can learn that here.

You can also boost your BEAM mining profit by using the best-optimized mining software for BEAM. Here are some of the best miners available for Nvidia and AMD:



Another way to increase your BEAM mining profit is to join the most profitable mining pool. Finding the best BEAM mining pool is not an easy task, especially because there are so many factors to consider, which include the size of the mining pool, mode of payment the pool uses, luck, your hash rate and so many other factors. If you are not sure which pool to join, always join the pool that has the highest hash rate. You can find BEAM mining pools here.


Above are some of the most popular graphics cards for mining BEAM. If your goal is profit, the best graphics card for mining BEAM is the one that is going to break-even the fastest. You must use a mining calculator to find which graphics card is going to break-even the fastest. Happy mining!