Best Hardware for Mining Horizon (Zencash)

Horizon (formerly known as Zencash) is a cryptocurrency that offers a private platform for money, media, and messages. Horizon (Zencash) is also focused on creating a decentralized future. The team is working to implement DAO technology in the coming years. As of now, Horizon uses, Equihash as its consensus algorithm.

There are many ASICs available today to mine Horizon and all other Equihash coins. This is bad news for GPU and CPU miners. As of now, mining Horizon (ZenCash) with a GPU or CPU is no longer profitable. But, if you own an ASIC or planning on buying one to mine Horizon, your options are plenty.

It is important to find an ASIC that has the best balance between price, hash rate, and efficiency. Below are the best ASICs available today for Horizon (Zencash) and all other cryptocurrencies that use Equihash algorithm:

Bitmain Antminer Z11

antminer z11
Antminer Z11

Antminer Z11 is the newest Equihash ASIC by Bitmain. It is the successor of Antminer Z9. This machine is capable of hashing Horizon and other Equihash coins at a rate of 135 KSol/s. It uses Bitmain’s latest 12nm chip which is better designed for dissipating heat and increasing efficiency. Antminer Z11 is more power efficient than all previous Equihash ASICs released by Bitmain.

This machine consumes 1418 W of power, which puts its efficiency at 10.5 J/KSol. This is a significant improvement from much older Antminer Z9. The efficiency of an ASIC is an important factor of consideration before investing in one. The most efficient ASICs can hash at higher rates, consuming very little power, which results in higher profits. Antminer Z11 is the most efficient ASIC on our list.

Unfortunately, this machine is already sold out on Bitmain’s official website. You have to wait until the next shipping batch. But, if you want to buy one right now, you can easily find one on Amazon. Check it out here.

Innosilicon Equihash A9++

Equihash A9++
Equihash A9++

This ASIC is a competitor to Bitmain’s Antminer Z11. A9++ is the newer version of A9+ and it is the most powerful ASIC available in the market for hashing Equihash. This machine is capable of hashing Horizon (Zencash) and other Equihash coins at a rate of 140 Ksol/s.

Although it is slightly more powerful than Bitmain’s Antminer z11, it falls below in terms of efficiency. Equihash A9++ consumes 1550 W of power which puts its efficiency at 11.1 J/KSol. Innosilicon Equihash A9++ is less efficient than Antminer Z11. However, this machine is significantly powerful and efficient than the older A9+ version.

The only reason this machine is second on our list is its high price tag. As of now, Innosilicon Equihash A9++ goes for 2900 USD. Owning one of these machines is extremely difficult. You usually have to preorder and wait for the shipping batch. If you don’t want to wait or want to buy one for cheap, check on Amazon.

Important Note: Innosilicon Equihash A9++ is much heavier than Antminer Z11, at 11 KG. You may think weight is not that important, but it actually is. Weight of an item can add significant shipping charges when being shipped.

Innosilicon Equihash A9+

Equihash A9+
Equihash A9+

Innosilicon Equihash A9+ is the predecessor of A9++. This machine is capable of hashing Horizon and Equihash coins at a rate of 120 Ksol/s with a power consumption of 1550 W. Its efficiency is at 12.9 J/KSol. It is slightly less efficient and powerful than Equihash A9++, although they both weigh the same at 11 KG. If you want to own one of these machines, you are required to pre-order and wait for the next shipping batch. If you want one immediately, check on Amazon.

Antminer Z9

Antminer Z9 by Bitmain can hash Horizon and Equihash coins at a rate of 40 ksol/s while consuming 970 W. This machine is 4 times as powerful as Antminer Z9 Mini from Bitmain. Its design seems like two Antminer Z9 minis stitched together. Check it out here.

What ASIC should You Buy?

I assume everyone reading this wants to own the most profitable ASIC. It is common to think, buying the most efficient ASIC is the best decision. Although efficiency is an important factor in determining profitability, it is not the only factor. If you live in an area with cheap electricity, efficiency becomes less important.

Price and hash rate of the ASIC is also important when deciding on an ASIC. The best ASIC is the one that can recoup your investment the quickest. Your goal is to break-even as quickly as possible. That is when your earnings cover all the costs associated with mining.

To estimate earnings of mining Horizon (Zencash) and to calculate the break-even point, you are going to have to use a mining calculator. Enter hash rate of your ASIC, power consumption, electricity cost, pool fees and hit calculate. You will see a break-down of estimated earnings and the break-even point.

This table lists the hash rate, efficiency, price, power consumption, and estimated profit of all ASICs mentioned in this article:

Hash Rate Power Consumption Efficiency Price Profit
Antminer Z11 135 KSol/s 1418 W 10.5 J/KSol Check Price Check
Equihash A9++ 140 KSol/s 1550 W 11.1 J/KSol Check Price Check
Equihash A9+ 120 Ksol/s 1550 W 12.9 J/KSol Check Price Check
Antminer Z9 40 ksol/s 970 W 24.25 J/KSol Check Price Check
Antminer Z9 Mini 10 ksol/s 300 W 30 J/KSol Check Price Check

Important Things to Remember When Mining Horizon (Zencash)

It is almost always more profitable to mine Horizon in a pool than to solo mine, unless you own a mining farm. However, when joining a mining pool, a good rule of thumb is to join the pool that has the highest hash power market share. Pool with majority hash power can offer you stability and constant payouts. Check out the best Horizon pools here.

Cloud Mining Horizon (Zencash)

If you can’t afford expensive ASICs but still want to own some Horizon, the easiest way to do it is to buy Horizon from a cryptocurrency exchange. Alternatively, you can cloud mine Horizon. Nicehash is one of the best marketplaces for cloud mining Horizon and other Equihash coins.


It is no longer profitable to mine Horizon (Zencash) using a GPU or CPU. But, it is still profitable to mine Horizon (Zenccash) with an ASIC. Above are some of the best ASICs available today for mining Horizon. It is important to buy an ASIC that has the best balance between price, hash rate, and efficiency; so you can recoup investment as quickly as possible.