Best VPNs that Accept Cryptocurrency

Best VPNs that Accept Cryptocurrency

If you are a fan of cryptocurrency, then there is a high chance that you are also a fan of privacy and being anonymous on the internet. Although VPNs do not offer complete privacy, it is still useful to get around geo-restricted websites. If your country has banned cryptocurrency trading or services related to cryptocurrency, a VPN can be useful.

There is not just one reason why someone may want to buy a VPN with cryptocurrency. If you buy a VPN with a bank card, your bank knows that you bought a VPN. Cryptocurrency allows you to get around that; it is a way to buy and use a VPN without getting noticed.

It is important to understand that cryptocurrency isn’t anonymous by design. Blockchain is publicly available for anyone to analyze all transactions that ever happened in the network. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be easily tracked by someone with the right knowledge. All they have to do is link your real-world identity to the wallet address.

However, if you understand the right steps, it is possible to buy a VPN without leaving a trace. We will teach you how to do that in this article.

But first, we will look at the best VPN providers that accept cryptocurrency as payment. All VPNs listed in this article are ranked based on the price, features, and speed. So here are our top picks:


NordVPNNordVPN constantly gets ranked in lists of top VPNs. It is one of the leading VPN providers with excellent security. Although this VPN is not the fastest or cheapest, it offers a lot of servers to choose from. Their strict no-logging policy is also very attractive.


PrivateInternetAccessThis VPN supports almost any device. It is jam-packed with advanced features in an easy to use interface. PrivateInternetAccess supports up to 10 simultaneous connections. Unlike other VPNs, PrivateInternetAccess is fairly priced. In terms of performance, it is not the perfect solution; however, it scores high in many key areas.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhostCyberGhost is another VPN that is packed with many features in an easy to use interface. This VPN unblocks Netflix and other streaming services. Their stance on privacy is very strong. One negative aspect of this VPN is the price. It is priced higher than other rival VPNs. However, they do offer a 3-year plan that is fairly cheap.


SurfsharkThe biggest advantage of Surfshark VPN is the low price. Surfshark doesn’t compromise performance for the low price. Surfshark is one of the few VPNs that support unlimited simultaneous connections. It has an excellent speed score with loads of features. As for the negatives, this VPN only supports Macs and mobile devices.



This is a powerful VPN that excels in almost every aspect. Its security features, platform support, and ease of use are second to none. The one small downside of this VPN is the price. It is somewhat expensive than the rivals; however, you do get your money’s worth.

Cheapest VPNs That Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

If you are tight on the budget, don’t worry. There is a VPN for everyone. Here are some of the cheapest VPNs available:

  • ibVPN – Most VPNs advertise their monthly price but when it comes to billing, it is billed yearly. So when you buy a VPN, you are essentially paying for the full year. That is where ibVPN is different. With ibVPN, you have the option to pay your bill monthly. If you plan on using a VPN for only a few months, ibVPN is your best option.
  • Ivacy VPN – Another VPN that allows you to pay on a monthly basis. If you want a VPN for just a few months, Ivacy VPN is one of the cheapest options available. You can save even more money if you choose their yearly plan.
  • Surfshark – Surfshark makes the list again for one of the cheapest VPNs. You have the option to pay your bill on a monthly or yearly basis. However, the yearly plan is the cheapest of the two.
  • RusVPN – Billed monthly or yearly.
  • Hideipvpn – Billed monthly or yearly.
  • Private VPN – Billed monthly or yearly.
  • ZenMate VPN – Billed monthly or yearly.
  • VPN Area – Billed monthly or yearly.
  • TunnelBear – Billed monthly or yearly.

All Other VPNs that Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

VPNs listed below aren’t the cheapest or the most popular. However, they do accept cryptocurrency as payment. Here’s the full list of all other VPNs that accept cryptocurrency as payment, that we didn’t mention in this article:

How to Buy a VPN Anonymously

Some of the countries have banned cryptocurrency mining and trading. These countries have blocked cryptocurrency exchanges and other websites related to cryptocurrency. A VPN is the perfect way to get around that. In a country where cryptocurrency is banned, obtaining a VPN without getting noted is crucial. This is how you obtain a VPN anonymously.

There are 3 things you need to have before you buy a VPN anonymously:

  • Tor Browser
  • Anonymous email
  • Anonymized bitcoin

Tor Browser

The Tor browser is just like any other browser, except it offers anonymity. You can download Tor here.

Anonymous Email

You can create a temporary email quite easily. The advantage of this type of email is that you do not have to give y
our personal information when you create one. You can create a temporary email here.

Anonymized Bitcoin

Since we want to buy a VPN anonymously, we will use bitcoin as the payment method. Not just any bitcoin, bitcoin that is untainted. You can learn how to anonymize bitcoin here. Some VPN providers accept privacy coins like Monero. In that case, use that privacy coin instead.

Buy VPN Anonymously

Now that you have all the tools needed to buy a VPN anonymously, this is how you do it:

  1. Using the Tor browser, create a temporary email.
  2. Go to the VPN website with the Tor browser.
  3. For personal details, enter fake information. You can create a fake identity here. If they ask for an email, give your anonymous/disposable email.
  4. In checkout, choose Bitcoin as the payment method.
  5. Pay with bitcoin and download your VPN.


Using a VPN doesn’t make you automatically anonymous on the internet. There are so many ways someone could track you. However, a VPN is useful if you want to visit a website that is blocked in your country; for example, cryptocurrency exchanges. Buying a VPN anonymously with bitcoin can make it extremely difficult for someone to track you.