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Cloud Mine Any Cryptocurrency for Any Period of Time

As you know by now, Bitcoin is no longer profitable to mine with CPUs or even the most powerful GPUs. The hash rate contributed to the Bitcoin network by a GPU or a CPU is insignificant. As of now, if you want to mine Bitcoin at a profit, you need to have ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits). These are mining machines specifically designed to do just one thing. That is to generate hashes. An ASIC is extremely efficient at generating hashes compared to a GPU or CPU. After all, a GPU or a CPU isn’t designed to mine cryptocurrency.

An ASIC isn’t cheap. They cost a few thousand dollars and consume a lot of electricity. Fortunately, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency out there. There are so many other cryptocurrencies that are still mineable with GPUs and CPUs.

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the few cryptocurrencies that are profitable to mine with GPUs and CPUs. However, your GPU or CPU still needs to be very powerful.

It is important to understand that having a powerful GPU or a CPU is merely not enough to mine Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. You still need cheap electricity. And most importantly, since you will be mining continuously, you need to monitor your mining rig 24/7. You also need to make sure your rig gets necessary cooling to disperse all that heat.

If you know how to do all that, great! But, if you are new to cryptocurrency or don’t know how to set up a mining rig, don’t be disappointed. There is still a way to mine cryptocurrency without possessing any of the technical skills required for mining. That is to Cloud Mine!

What is Cloud Mining?

When you utilize a remote data center with shared processing power to mine cryptocurrency, it is called cloud mining.

There are so many cloud mining service providers today. It can be hard to pick the best cloud mining service provider from the myriad of service providers.

There are services like Genesis-Mining and Hashing24 that are popular among cloud miners. But, these companies only allow you to mine a limited number of cryptocurrencies. If you choose one of these services, you also might have noticed that you do not have much choice when it comes to how long you want to mine. If you wanted to mine for a really short time like 24 hours, you are not able to do that. For example in Genesis-Mining, the shortest time period available is 1 year. So, what are your options if you only want to mine cryptocurrency for a short period of time?

That is where we can really help. We have a small mining farm dedicated and ready to mine any cryptocurrency for customers. If you want to mine any cryptocurrency for a really short period of time or a very long period of time, we can help you with that. You can check out our service here or click “Start Cloud Mining” on the menu above.

Why Lease from Us:

  • Cloud mine ANY cryptocurrency.
  • You decide how long you want to mine.
  • You decide how much hash power you want.
  • We monitor all rigs 24/7. There will be no downtime.
  • You can monitor your rig live from any location with any device.
  • No maintenance or electricity fees. Just a one time fee.
  • We only need your wallet address to send the mining payout.

When you place an order, we set up our mining rig, add your wallet address, join a mining pool, and mine cryptocurrency for you! The mining payout is sent directly to you.

Our mining farm is of small to medium size, capable of handling a few thousand customers. All our mining rigs are well maintained and in good condition. If you are new to cloud mining or do not have the technical skills needed to assemble a mining rig, do not worry. We do all that work for you. All we need is your wallet address to cloud mine. You can get started here.