How to Buy Dash Anonymously

How to Buy Dash Anonymously?

Some of the cryptocurrency-related services today make it incredibly easy for anyone to buy cryptocurrency. Although it is very convenient to use one of these services, most of them aren’t anonymous. In this article, we will teach you the best ways to buy Dash anonymously.

What is DASH Cryptocurrency?

DASH is a decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, developed by Evan Duffield. Although Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, DASH is much superior to Bitcoin. It is much faster than Bitcoin, with an average block time of 2.6 minutes. The transaction fee of DASH is very low. It has a built-in mixing feature to make anonymous transactions. DASH was one of the first privacy coins that entered the crypto market.

How to Buy DASH Anonymously?

DASH is a privacy coin. Most services that allow buying of cryptocurrencies require KYC. Buying a privacy coin like DASH after giving all your personal details is comical. It defeats the whole purpose of a privacy coin. Here are the best ways to buy DASH anonymously:

1) Buy DASH with Cryptocurrencies

Buy Dash anonymously using BinanceOne way to buy cryptocurrencies anonymously is to use a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. A peer-to-peer exchange is where you buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from other buyers and sellers. As of now, there is no peer-to-peer exchange available for DASH, but you can use other peer-to-peer exchanges and later convert it to DASH.

The best peer-to-peer exchanges available today:

Peer-to-peer exchanges support a wide variety of payment methods. Since you want to stay anonymous, you must select the “Cash in Person” or “gift Card” option.

The “Cash in Person” payment method is not truly anonymous as the seller of cryptocurrency knows your identity. However, it is more anonymous than other payment methods.

The “Gift Card” payment method is also a good way of staying anonymous. Egift codes are an even better option. You can easily buy an Egift code using Gyft. Gyft supports buying of Egift codes using cryptocurrency. So, you can buy an Egift code, sell it at one of the peer-to-peer exchanges listed above.

Now, to convert this cryptocurrency to DASH, you can use anonymous crypto to crypto exchange like Changelly. Changelly does not ask for personal details to swap cryptocurrency. Changelly is connected to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. When you buy from Changelly, they get you the best possible price from all exchanges.

Alternatively, you can use Binance exchange to convert the cryptocurrency you bought to DASH. Binance only asks for an email and password when registering. You can fake these details easily. Deposit cryptocurrency to Binance and buy DASH with it.

2) Cloud Mine DASH

cloud mining DASH at Genesis-MiningAnother way to own DASH anonymously is to cloud mine DASH. Cloud mining services like Genesis-Mining and Eobot only require basic personal details like name and email address. These details can be faked very easily. All you have to do is:

  1. Register at a cloud mining service.
  2. Buy DASH mining contract.
  3. Enter your DASH deposit address.

Some of the cloud mining services send payouts automatically to your DASH wallet address. Others, however, need manual withdrawals. By cloud mining, you are essentially obtaining DASH anonymously.

Alternatively, you can buy hash power from Nicehash or MiningRigRentals and allocate this power to mine DASH. This is also an anonymous way of owning DASH.

3) Using Decentralized Exchanges

The third way of buying DASH anonymously is to use a decentralized exchange. A decentralized exchange does not rely on a third party to hold anyone’s funds. All transactions are carried in an automated fashion. You are essentially transacting with other buyers and sellers anonymously.

These are some of the best, decentralized exchanges that support DASH:

4) Using DASH ATMs

This option is not available to everyone. There arent many DASH ATMs available today. But, if you are lucky enough find one near you, you can buy DASH anonymously. Even if you do not find DASH ATMs nearby, you can still find other cryptocurrency ATMs. You can buy cryptocurrency from one of these ATMs and later convert to DASH. You can check out locations of all cryptocurrency ATMs in the world here.

Keep in mind that not all cryptocurrency ATMs are anonymous. Some of them require some form of identity verification requirement, be it a mobile number, ID, or anything else. If you want to buy DASH anonymously, you need to find an ATM that does not ask for any form of identity verification.

Remember this

By using any of the services mentioned above, you are essentially bypassing the KYC process. Although this makes you somewhat anonymous, you are not truly anonymous. There are so many other ways someone can track you. For example, when you signup for any of the services mentioned above, the owners of the website can see your IP address. When you visit a website, online trackers or the site itself may be able to identify you.

When browsing, use Tor or a VPN. For email, use Protonmail. If you are very serious about privacy, use an operating system like TAILS that prioritizes privacy.

Whenever you withdraw DASH from an exchange or any other service to your DASH wallet, make sure the wallet address is not linked to any real-world identity. If someone links your DASH address to your identity, they can trace all transactions you’ve conducted so far.

Cashing Out DASH anonymously

You can buy DASH anonymously. It is equally important to stay anonymous when cashing out DASH. One way to cash out DASH anonymously is to buy prepaid virtual visa cards. Go to eGifter and search for “visa”. You will see virtual visa cards available for sale. Select the amount you want and check out. When checking out, pay with DASH.


If you want to buy DASH anonymously, it is not merely enough to use 1 of the 4 methods mentioned above. You must also incorporate the services we’ve mentioned above. Even then, anonymity cannot be truly guaranteed.