How to Earn Bitcoin When Someone Visits My Website

How to Earn Bitcoin When Someone Visits My Website?

You can earn bitcoin in many ways such as linking your website or blog with a trusted faucet, pay per click advertising networks, bitcoin traffic exchanges, and premium pay per impression ad networks.

Bitcoin has become very popular in recent years and becoming the most expensive form of cryptocurrency. The reason as to why it is so popular is because Bitcoin is not centralized. That means it is not controlled by any government or a central bank. Also, they do not come in prints like Dollars and Euros, instead, Bitcoin is created by normal people with the help of an algorithm.

This process of producing Bitcoin is referred to as Bitcoin mining. The popularity of Bitcoin has ushered in a new and exciting era in the field of finance, making it a leading cryptocurrency. Before examining each of the aforementioned strategies of earning, it is prudent to review some background information about bitcoin.

Reason for the Popularity of Bitcoin

The major characteristic of Bitcoin is that it is decentralized. This makes it different from conventional currencies. Bitcoin is not controlled by any institution like conventional currency controlled by central banks. This eliminates the need for a third party. If you can remember the global financial crisis of late 2000, many people lost their investments and were furious with how the financial institutions operate.

With the emergence of Bitcoin, many people believe this to be the most ingenious way out of the claws of global financial institutions. Bitcoin was a hit from day one, and it rocked the global financial markets. When it emerged, many people in the banking sector laughed it off, but they had to take a humble pie when a lot of online investors openly embraced it.

The growth of Bitcoin has coincided with the growth of e-commerce websites and blogs. Every day, hundreds of thousands of new websites are being published; a clear indication of how cryptocurrency will continue to grow in popularity. So, if you are running a website, you may be wondering – how can I profit from this opportunity? How can I earn Bitcoin, especially when someone visits my website?

Using your website or blog, you can easily earn Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency without you being on your computer all day. Below, we will guide you on how to monetize your website or blog in a manner that will save you energy and time.

How to Earn Bitcoin When Someone Visits My Website

Browser Mining

How to Earn Bitcoin When Someone Visits My WebsiteThe most surefire way of earning bitcoin when someone visits your website is to use their CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. Coinhive is such service that provides a script that can be embedded on your website. This script can be used to mine Monero.

It uses visitors’ CPU power to mine Monero. Mining with GPU is not available at the moment of writing. They pay 0.000018 XMR per one million hashes. Although earnings are low, if your website is getting millions of views and visitors are spending time on your website, reading articles, watching videos, or playing games, this can be a way to monetize your website.

Coinhive takes a whopping 30% of your earnings. This is way too much for a fee, especially when you have so many ways to monetize a website. One major disadvantage of browser mining is that it only works well for computers. As Coinhive itself mentions “it’s very slow and will drain the users’ battery. If you only have mobile users, it’s usually not worth it to implement Coinhive.”

Besides, many users are installing ad blockers on browsers. These ad blockers block scripts like Coinhive from using CPU power. It can be considered unethical to use visitors’ CPU power to mine cryptocurrency, especially when they do not consent. Regardless, some website owners decide to engage in such activities.

Link Your Website or Blog With a Trusted Bitcoin Faucet

How to Earn Bitcoin When Someone Visits My Website

Using a Bitcoin faucet is one of the safest, best and easiest ways to earn Bitcoin for free from your website. Just find a trusted Bitcoin faucet and sign up. After signing up, add a referral link on some of the pages of your website. When these links are clicked, you will earn Bitcoin via referral commissions.

These Bitcoin faucets have affiliate programs that will give you links to their sites. This allows them to tag online visitors who land on their website or blog, earning you Bitcoin whenever your referrals claim a faucet. Note that traditional referral programs will only allow you to earn reward points instead of real money. Bitcoin faucet referrals earn you real Bitcoin.

This method can be highly successful especially if the referrals are highly targeted. To achieve this (highly targeted referrals), you have to consider placing the referral links in anchor texts instead of placing it as a page banner.

There are numerous Bitcoin Faucets online. Do a little research and read online reviews to find a faucet that suits your website.

Additionally, you can have your own bitcoin faucet on your website. Building a bitcoin faucet is easier than you think. Here is the complete guide to building your own faucet by 99bitcoins.

You can monetize your faucet by placing ads on the faucet page. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow Adsense on faucet sites. But, there is a good alternative to Adsense. It is a-ads. A-ads is an ad network built specifically for cryptocurrency advertisers and publishers. There is no “getting approved” or contacting publishers for Ad placement. You can create an ad unit, place it on your faucet page and start earning immediately.

You can also monetize your faucet page by placing banners. These banners are from other bitcoin-related services that reward you when you send a referral. I have compiled a list of bitcoin affiliate programs here. The majority of these services provide you with banners and other tools needed to advertise on your website.

Pay per Click Advertising Networks

When you register with an advertising network, they will give you a JavaScript snippet code that you can place anywhere on your website or blog. This code generates text and banner ads. When a visitor clicks on, you earn Bitcoin. If your blog is in WordPress platform, it is advisable that you paste this JavaScript code within a text widget. You can find this text widget under the ‘appearance’ tab in the admin back-end.

There are many advertising networks to choose from, such as:

How to Earn Bitcoin When Someone Visits My Website

•    BitMedia: With this network, you will get some level of control on how you want the ads to be placed within your website.

•    Anonymous Ads: As the name suggests, this network provides total anonymity to both publishers and advertisers. This means you don’t need to sign up, just provide Bitcoin address and start advertising.

•    BTCClicks: Another very popular service for website owners. You can advertise your website to targeted Bitcoin users. CPC starts from 0.00038 mBTC.

•    BitClix: Very popular among blogs and website owners. This network offers an oddly large pool of advertisers with a good rate of pay per click. Moreover, they accept virtually any website or blog, provided that you are not dealing with illegal stuff.

Bitcoin Traffic Exchange

How to Earn Bitcoin When Someone Visits My Website

This method works in rather a peculiar way. To get page views to your website or blog, you will first have to view other members’ web pages. Nevertheless, they still attract thousands of new sign-ups every day. That is how popular they are. You get credited each time you open a page on another member’s site or blog. The amount of credit will depend on how long you viewed the web page.

As for the part of earning Bitcoin, you can use pay per click networks or Bitcoin faucet to cash in on the amount of traffic you receive as a result of promoting your website or blog to other members.

Premium Pay per Impression Ad Networks

This is probably the most profitable method of earning Bitcoin on your website or blog. Premium ad Networks will cut down the workload of pay per click advertising which includes having to directly build relationships with a variety of advertisers. Premium ad networks act as a middleman between your blog or website and advertisers who are willing to use your traffic for exposure. Common premium networks include the following:

In conclusion, monetizing your website or blog is the best thing you can do now as digital currencies continue to grow. Luckily, there are many ways to do that, ensuring you also ride the waves of the digital currency revolution.