How to Pay Bills with Bitcoin

How to Pay Bills with Bitcoin?

Many online and offline services have adopted bitcoin as a viable payment method. But still, the majority of services do not accept bitcoin as a payment method. Although many investors are investing their money into cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency-related services, they are still unaware of how to spend bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in practical ways. You can almost do anything with bitcoin if you think clever enough.

Paying your bills with bitcoin is certainly an easy thing to do if you own bitcoin. There are many ways you could do that. In this article, I will show you 4 ways how to pay bills with bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

1) Selling Bitcoins for Fiat

localbitcoinsIf you own bitcoins, you can sell them on an exchange like LocalBitcoins or Paxful. These are peer to peer exchanges. You interact directly with buyers and sellers. LocalBitcoins and Paxful are just middlemen.

There are multiple ways you can sell your bitcoins in exchange for fiat. In LocalBitcoins or Paxful, click on the “Sell” button and choose how you want to sell your bitcoins.

The safest and cheapest way to sell bitcoin is “Cash in Person”. The next best way is “Cash Deposit”. There are over 200+ ways to accept your payment. Certainly, not all of them are chargeback proof. “Cash in Person” or “Cash Deposit” is the best way to accept payments because it makes it incredibly difficult to scam you.

paxful - pay bills with bitcoinYes! LocalBitcoins and Paxful is the favorite of scammers. I cannot tell you how many chargebacks I had with these exchanges. Avoid PayPal as a payment option. PayPal is the favorite of scammers.

If you are unable to accept “Cash in Person” or “Cash Deposit”, the next best option is “National Bank Transfer”. In terms of fees, “National Bank Transfer” is not the cheapest but would be a good alternative to “Cash in Person” and “Cash Deposit”.

Always check the buyer’s feedback before selling your bitcoins. There are 2 ways you can sell bitcoins on a peer to peer exchange. You can either 1) create an ad or 2) search for buying offers. Of course, 2) is quick but if you have the time and patience, you can create an ad with your own conditions.

If you surf through buying offers, you will certainly find that these buyers are trying to buy bitcoin for a price lower than the current market price of bitcoins.

One advantage of using peer-to-peer exchanges is that you can remain anonymous. Getting verified with your identity is optional for these exchanges. As for fees, LocalBitcoins and Paxful do not charge any fee from the buyer. Although the seller pays a small fee to create an ad; but that is only if someone buys from them. The only fee you pay is the network fee when you send and receive bitcoins from the wallet.

Now that you have sold your bitcoins, you have money in your bank or in your hand. How to pay your bills with money need no explanation.

Here are the pros of cons of selling bitcoin using peer-to-peer exchanges.


  • Supports all countries.
  • Anonymous.
  • Low fees.


  • Scammers favorite.
  • Slow

2) Using a Bitcoin Debit Card

Using a bitcoin debit card is another way to pay your bills. This is probably the easiest way to pay bills. A bitcoin debit card is just like any other debit card. The difference is that you can load your bitcoin debit card with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. When you spend this card online/offline, the money will be taken from your bitcoin balance. Yes! there is a small fee.

You can get a bitcoin debit card from CryptoPay or Spectrocoin.


how to pay bills with bitcoinAs of now, CryptoPay is only supported in Russian, Europe, and the UK. There are physical cards as well as virtual cards available. The physical card can be used almost anywhere, online or offline. They also have virtual cars for online shoppers.

There is a fee when you reload this card or withdraw from an ATM. There is also a monthly service fee of 1%. Get a CryptoPay debit card here. You will get 25% off if you sign up through this link.

A CryptoPay debit card will cost you just $15 and delivered to you with no shipping cost.


spectrocoin - bitcoin debit cards pay billsThis is another popular bitcoin debit card. Supports 150+ countries and 30+ currencies. There are 20+ ways to deposit and withdraw money to this card. Spectrocoin also functions as a wallet, an exchange, and a payment processor.

Open a Spectrocoin account here.

Pros and cons of using a bitcoin debit card:


  • Convenience
  • Instant availability
  • Accepted almost anywhere
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted.


  • Fees

3) Bitcoin Payment Platforms

BPAY with bitcoinThis is another convenient way to pay your bills with bitcoin. But, this method is not available to everyone. As of now, this will only work for people living in Australia. The way these platforms work is pretty straightforward.

You provide your BPAY biller code, reference and the amount you need to be paid. Then they provide you with a bitcoin address and the amount you need to send. After bitcoin payment is confirmed, they will pay your bill on your behalf.

Living room of Satoshi and Paidbycoins are some of these services. These platforms also have a service where they deposit money to your Australian bank account if you send them Bitcoin. Yes! there is a small fee.


  • Convenience
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted.


  • Fees
  • Only works in a few countries.

4) Bitcoin ATMs

how to pay bills with bitcoinThe last way to pay bills using Bitcoin is by using a Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin ATMs are located around the world. You can find the nearest Bitcoin ATM using BitcoinATMRadar. A bitcoin ATM is very similar to a regular ATM. Just like a regular ATM used to deposit and withdraw money, a bitcoin ATM is used to deposit and withdraw bitcoin in exchange for cash or vice-versa.

Most Bitcoin ATMs are connected to a bitcoin exchange and is monitored remotely. One disadvantage of using a Bitcoin ATM is that they have incredibly high fees. They can afford to charge high fees because there is little to no competition from other bitcoin ATM providers.

Most people are familiar with ATMs. Using a bitcoin ATM is just as easy as using a regular ATM. Having Bitcoin ATMs can certainly introduce more people to crypto. Someone sees a bitcoin ATM and decides to use it one day.

You can easily use a bitcoin ATM to withdraw cash and pay bills.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin ATMs:


  • Instant availability.
  • Convenience.


  • High fees.
  • Service breakdown.
  • Not many Bitcoin ATMs are available.

Final Words

As you know, there are 4 main ways to pay bills with bitcoin. They are selling bitcoins, using a bitcoin debit card, bitcoin payment platforms, and using bitcoin ATMs. Each has its own pros and cons. Use what is suitable for you based on your requirements.