How to Travel the World and Live Completely off of Cryptocurrency

How to Travel the World and Live Completely off of Cryptocurrency

If you own cryptocurrency, the biggest problem you may have is how you are going to convert it to cash and when. As businesses slowly adopt cryptocurrency as a viable payment method, you may not need to convert crypto to cash all the time. However, the majority of businesses still do not accept cryptocurrency. For example, if you wanted to book a room at a hotel, the hotel may not accept cryptocurrency; so you must find a way to convert crypto to fiat and then pay the hotel. This is inconvenient and time-consuming.

This is where a service like Travala comes in handy. Travala is fundamentally a bridge between fiat and crypto. They have listed more than 3 million hotels and houses. Using their service, you can almost book any hotel in almost any part of the world. Additionally, you can book flights and take part in activities, all with crypto. Travala acts as a medium of exchange. When you book something on Travala, you pay them with cryptocurrency. Then they keep that cryptocurrency and pay with fiat for you. You no longer need to convert crypto to fiat every time you want to book a hotel room. You can do it efficiently and conveniently. Interestingly, Travala has its native token AVA. Which is a cryptocurrency that is listed on popular exchanges like Binance. If you book a hotel or a flight with AVA, you get additional discounts. Their smart program gives you additional loyalty rewards, discounts and bonus rewards.

At the moment of writing, there’s only a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for fiat money. These are all regulated exchanges that require KYC. CEX and Coinbase are a few of these regulated exchanges. Since it is regulated, not everyone can trade on these exchanges. If you are not from one of the developed countries, chances are, you are not allowed to trade on these exchanges. Joining one of these exchanges enables you to sell your cryptocurrency for fiat instantly and deposit that money into your bank account. However, it takes some time for the money to arrive at your bank account.

If you are restricted from joining a regulated exchange, you may have to sell your cryptocurrency on an exchange like LocalBitcoins, every time you want to convert crypto to fiat. This is very inconvenient, slow, and you can never guarantee that you will successfully sell your cryptocurrency.

A service like Travala acts as a bridge between fiat and crypto. You can book hotels, flights, and activities, directly with cryptocurrency. You are essentially outside the government’s control. If you lose all your fiat and only left with crypto, two basic needs for a human being are shelter and food. That is exactly what Travala guarantees. You can meet your food requirements by specifically booking hotels or homes that include breakfast, and dinner. They do not have KYC; which is even more convenient. You can book hotels and flights with all major cryptocurrencies using Travala. However, the incentives for using their native coin AVA outweigh any other coin used for payment through their platform. This can only mean one thing. Since AVA has a limited supply, just like Bitcoin, people will buy AVA as a store of value and hold it for the long term.

How to Buy AVA Token

AVA is listed on two of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges:

If you are from the U.S, you can use or (Binance DEX).

How to Keep Your AVA Tokens Safe

Unfortunately, as of now, Travala does not allow you to store your AVA Tokens securely on their platform; however, they do allow you to store your AVA Tokens on their platform in a less secure way. When we say secure, what we mean is, you are able to generate your own private key offline in a secure way. Travala has mentioned in their white paper that they will allow you to do that in the coming future. As for the time being, you may have to find alternatives if you want to store, not just AVA, but any cryptocurrency, securely.

You can store it on any wallet that supports the BEP-2 network. Here are some of the wallets that support BEP-2:


AVA is one of the handful of cryptocurrency that acts as a bridge between fiat and crypto. You no longer have to sell crypto for fiat and then book hotels with fiat. Travala allows you to live completely off of cryptocurrency and get incentives for doing that. Wondering what is the exit strategy for cryptocurrency? Crypto is the exit strategy.