Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

80+ Massive List of Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs (2021)

Here’s the list of top cryptocurrency affiliate programs. All services listed in this article have an affiliate program in them. You can get your affiliate/referral link by signing up to them.

Some of these programs pay you for a lifetime when you send them a referral. They reward you with bitcoin, fiat, hash power, ad space, and other ways. All these affiliate programs are tested by me and proven to pay. I have categorized these affiliate programs as follows. Click on one to jump to that section in the article:

How Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs Work

All these affiliate programs work in a similar fashion. Basic criteria are as follows:

  1. Sign up for the affiliate program.
  2. Get your affiliate link. (Also called referral link).
  3. Place the link on the website or anywhere people see it.
  4. Someone signs up for their service through your affiliate link.
  5. You earn a commission when someone spends on the service.

If you have a website or have a means of advertising, you can advertise your affiliate link. If your website is getting good traffic, this is one of the ways you can monetize your website. Some of these programs provide you with banners to place on your website. Place this banner where people see and send traffic to your site. You won’t become a millionaire overnight but this little commission you earn keeps adding up. You can earn a serious amount of money this way.

More traffic you send = More chances of people signing up.

Ad Networks

bitcoin ad networks

These services pay you to display cryptocurrency-related ads on your website. You earn every time someone clicks on the ad. You can signup as a publisher or as an advertiser. Some of these services act as a middle man, so you do not even need to contact the publisher to advertise. If you are selling ad space on your website, you may be required to approve your site first. Even more, when you send them a referral you earn ad space.


cryptocurrency exchange

These are the exchanges that allow buying and selling of cryptocurrency. They give a commission based on your referrals trading activity. When your referral buys or sells bitcoin, you are granted a commission. Some of these services pay out commission for a lifetime while others payout for a set time period. LocalBitcoins, Paxful, LocalMonero, LocalCryptos, and Bitquick are the P2P exchanges on this list.


bitcoin faucets

These services pay a small fraction of a bitcoin called satoshis each time you complete a task. Faucet sites are supported by donations and ads placed on the site. When you complete a small task like completing a captcha, you are rewarded with Satoshi. Some of these services allow you to claim satoshi every 5 mins but most of them, hourly. All of these faucets require you to reach a minimum threshold before you are able to withdraw.



These are the services that pay in bitcoin for doing work. It could be writing articles, building a website or designing a long. Very similar to regular freelancing sites, the only difference is these services pay in bitcoin. You can hire a freelancer to work on your project or work as a freelancer for others. Beginner or expert, you are sure to find something here.


bitcoin gambling

Gambling may not be legal in some countries. Because of the anonymous nature of bitcoin, more and more gambling sites are popping up. The anonymous nature of bitcoin allows them to get around regulation. You can bet on a variety of sports including, basketball, football, baseball, etc, or join their casino. All these services have affiliate programs. Not all casinos are proven to be legit, but these are the ones I find real:


When I say hardware, I mean any service that pays you to send sales to their product. Every time someone buys their product, you receive a commission. BlockForge sells mining rigs. Ellipal and LedgerWallet are hardware wallets.


Any software that you can install on your Mac or PC, that has affiliate programs in them:

Cloud Mining

cloud mining

These services mine bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies for you. If you are not tech-savvy or can’t afford an expensive mining rig, this could be an option. The best thing about these services is that you can start with a very low investment. Sometimes as low as $5. Some of these services reward you in bitcoin for sending a referral while others reward you with bonus hash power. However, not all cloud mining sites are legit. Some are just pure scams. These are the ones I find legit:


bitcoin mixer

The purpose of a mixer is to anonymize your cryptocurrency. When you send bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to them, they mix your coins with someone else’s and send it to a completely new address owned by you. This makes it very difficult for someone to track the real owner of a coin.


bitcoin micro tasks

These services pay you for doing micro-tasks. It could be watching a video, clicking an ad, doing a survey, or following someone on Twitter. You don’t earn much, but it can add up to a significant amount if you do it for a long time. You need to reach a minimum balance to request a payout. Referrals you send can also make you some money.

Debit Cards

bitcoin debit card

Having a bitcoin debit card means you can purchase goods and services with bitcoin. First, you need to top up the card with bitcoin and spend it just like a regular card. This is an easy way to cash out bitcoin. You are given a plastic card when you sign up. All these services have affiliate programs as well:


Now you can earn bitcoin by playing games. When you send a referral, you receive a portion of the commission. Most of these games are similar to gambling sites but some games are available for iPhone and Android.


These services allow you to lend cryptocurrency in return for interest. You can borrow or lend cryptocurrency using these platforms. There are different types of cryptocurrency lending platforms. I have categorized them here.

Trading Bots

Bitcoin trading bots can trade 24/7. If you have the right strategy and program your bot with the strategy, you can earn a lot of money. Please be aware that there is potential to lose money if you do not monitor your bot and change your strategy with market changes. Some bitcoin trading bots come with pre-programmed algorithms that can be implemented with few clicks. Be aware of the scams associated with trading bots. These trading bots below are the ones I find legit. They all have referral programs.


These services reward you for shopping online. The way these services earn is through affiliate commission received by the services they are partnered with. Each dollar you spend is rewarded with a few bits of bitcoin.

Gift Card Platforms

bitcoin gift card platformsYou can now buy gift cards with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Some of the services are only available to U.S customers. But, you can certainly earn an affiliate commission if you send them a paying customer. Some platforms have over 200+ gift cards.


You can book your favorite hotel or vacation home with cryptocurrency. Some of these services give you discounts for booking hotels with cryptocurrency. You can also save some money on credit card fees if you book with cryptocurrency. Interestingly, some of these platforms also have referral programs:

Hash Power Rentals

If you have a mining rig, you can list it on these sites and earn some coins. Renting a rig is one way to earn. You can also use other sellers’ rigs to mine coins. Mining rig rental services are a good earning opportunity for rig owners. If you are a buyer, you rarely find cheap hash power. But, if you are new to mining, you can always test the waters of mining. Each of these services has affiliate programs:

Nicehash – Contact support to participate in the affiliate program.

Mining Rig Rentals


These are some of the best services that pay you for sending referrals. All these services are great if you have a way of sending traffic.