Top Bitcoin Faucet Apps for iPhone/Android

Top Bitcoin Faucet Apps for iPhone/Android

Bitcoin faucets are a fun and easy way of earning free bitcoins. You get rewarded for completing small tasks, filling captchas, and completing surveys. Although the reward is small, if you have the time and patience, small rewards can add up to a large sum of money, especially if Bitcoin’s price skyrockets.

Not all bitcoin faucets are alike. Some faucet sites have additional ways to earn bitcoin. These include games, surveys, betting, watching videos, clicking ads, and etc.

In this article, our focus is on Bitcoin faucet apps for iPhone and Android. Some of these faucets apps can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, but other faucets can be accessed directly through your mobile browser. You can bookmark these sites on your mobile browser or home screen and use it just like an app.

So, here are the top bitcoin faucet apps for iPhone and Android:

Faucets that Work on Mobile Browsers:

Top Bitcoin Faucet Apps for iPhone/AndroidCointiply – You can claim this faucet every 1 hour. You are rewarded with at least 20 Satoshis with each faucet roll. If you get a prime number, you get higher rewards. The site is mobile friendly. Additionally, you can complete surveys, watch videos, and click on ads to earn more Satoshis.

Cointiply also has a section where you can earn by playing games, but this would not work on a mobile browser. Although, you can play their multiplier game on a mobile browser. You can multiply your coins up 61 times. But, I should warn you, this is a risky way to bet with your coins.

FreeBitcoin – This is a site that rewards you for filling captchas. All you have to do is fill captchas and click “ROLL”. You are rewarded each time with few Satoshis. If you get a lucky number, you are given higher rewards. As of now, the highest reward you can win is 0.03627624 BTC. What’s great about this faucet is, you are given a chance to ROLL every 1 hour.

You can play their HI-LO game to multiply your coins. Their betting game lets you bet on sports. You can also buy golden tickets with your winnings to stand a chance to win prizes like Lamborghinis. There are lots of ways to earn from FreeBitcoin, and you can do it with a mobile phone. Check it out here.

FreeDoge – Very similar to FreeBitcoin, the only difference is that you get rewarded with DOGE coins. HI-LO game lets you multiply your DOGE coins. You can place manual or auto bets in their HI-LO game. These bets are very customizable.

FreeLitecoin – You are rewarded with Litecoin for each spin. Lucky numbers are rewarded with more coins. Additionally, you can earn interest on your Litecoin or buy lottery tickets. Works well on a mobile device as well.

Update: Moon Faucets have shut down. You can still join other faucets.

Moon Bitcoin – This faucet lets you claim Satoshis every 5 minutes. Moon Bitcoin gradually fills up, the longer you wait. You can claim every 5 minutes or come back the next day and claim the bigger amount. Moon Bitcoin faucet fills up pretty quickly in the beginning but slows down over time.

Additionally, you can complete surveys for bonus Satoshis. There is also an option to lend your CPU power for bonus Satoshis, but unfortunately, this would not work on a mobile browser. Moon Bitcoin also has MoonBitcoincash, Moondash, MoonDoge, and MoonLitecoin for other cryptocurrencies.

BitFun and BonusBitcoin are some of the other faucet apps that also work well on a mobile browser.

Faucets on App Store/Play Store

Top Bitcoin Faucet Apps for iPhone/AndroidThese apps can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play Store. Apps listed below are not just faucets that reward you every hour or so. The majority of them come in the form of games. However, they do reward you with Satoshis for playing there game. So, here’s the list of apps that reward you in Bitcoin:

Free Bitcoin – Faucet app for iPhone and Android. You can claim this faucet every hour.

Alien Run – This is a simple but addicting game for iPhone and Android. Your goal is to reach the finish line avoiding obstacles along the way. When you complete five levels, you are rewarded with Satoshi.

Blockchain Game – Stack blocks on top of each other and reach as high as you can. The higher you stack, the higher the reward you will get.

Bitcoin Aliens – This app rewards you Satoshi when you successfully kill aliens. Aliens get increasingly difficult to kill as you progress through the levels. Available for iPhone and Android users.

Bitcoin Game – Similar to popular game candy crush. You are rewarded with Satoshi randomly as you progress through the levels. The app is only available for iPhone users.

Earn – This is the mobile app of a platform that rewards you in Bitcoin for sending messages and completing simple tasks.

Additional Ways to Earn Bitcoin from iPhone/Android

Another way to earn Bitcoin from an iPhone or Android is by using microtask platforms. These platforms reward you for completing microtasks. Some of the microtasks include liking a Facebook page, following someone on twitter, and various other things that can be done easily with a smartphone. You can check them out here.

Airdrops are another way to earn cryptocurrencies using a smartphone. Developers of cryptocurrencies sometimes give away coins for free. However, to receive free coins, you have to complete a few tasks. All these tasks can be done easily with a smartphone. You can check out AirdropAlert for upcoming airdrops.

The Bottom Line

Faucets are a fun and easy way of earning bitcoins. You can claim these faucets using a smartphone or a computer. Owners of these faucet sites earn their share of the money by serving you ads. These sites will continue operating as long as it is profitable. To earn a significant amount of Bitcoins from faucets, you need time, patience, and dedication.