Top Micro-tasks Platforms that Reward You in Crypto

Cryptocurrency has the potential to change the world. The technological innovation of cryptocurrency can disrupt banking, lending, social networking, education and many other sectors of the world. The majority of people who get involved in cryptocurrency, do it purely for the earning opportunity it presents.

One common way people earn cryptocurrency is by investing in crypto assets. Anyone can create an account on a crypto exchange and invest their money. Few exchanges like Binance, KuCoin doesn’t require you to verify identity if your trading volume is small. No ID verification requirement further lowers the barriers to entry. Literally, anyone can open an account and start trading.

Unfortunately, buying cryptocurrency in this bear market is not the most successful venture. If you do not manage your risk, you may end up losing your investment. The high risk associated with trading cryptocurrency, incentives people to look for alternative ways to profit from cryptocurrency.

One alternate way to earn cryptocurrency is through micro-task platforms. One advantage of these platforms compared to investing is, they do not require an initial investment. Depending on the platform, you may choose to invest but it is always an optional investment. Investments in micro-task platforms usually come in the form of upgrading to a premium account for benefits over standard members.

In this article, we will list the top cryptocurrency micro-task platforms.


bitcoinsforme - microtasks platformBitcoinsforme is a platform that rewards users for completing micro tasks like viewing ads, watching videos and completing surveys. You will be rewarded 10 satoshis every minute you spend viewing ads. View 10 of these ads and you will be rewarded an additional 75 satoshis and a free spin for the slot game.

You get a free spin for their slot game every 1 hour. Additionally, Bitcoinsforme has its own faucet. This faucet rewards you 10 satoshis every 5 minutes. You can increase faucet rewards by completing bonus tasks.

You can also watch ads and earn satoshis. These videos are available for all countries and the length of a video is roughly 2 minutes. Bitcoinsforme has an offer wall that lists a variety of micro-tasks including paid to click and choice offers.

Additionally, if you have a powerful CPU, you can allocate that power to mine cryptocurrency for Bitcoinsforme. At this time, Bitcoinsforme rewards 48 satoshis for every 1 million hashes calculated.


cointiply microtasksCointiply is one of the top micro tasks platforms available right now. Just like Bitcoinforme, Cointiply rewards you satoshis for watching videos and clicking ads. There are multiple offer walls available at Cointiply. These offer walls include surveys, videos, PTC, and apps.

You get a free spin for their faucet game every 1 hour. At this time, the least you could win is 37 satoshis. That means, every time you spin, you will be rewarded 37 satoshis in the least. If you get a prime number, you get a significantly higher reward. So the rewards are between 37 – 515 satoshis. If you claim their faucet regularly, there will be a loyalty bonus added to your winnings, each time you spin.

You can play their multiplier game to earn a significant amount quickly. Be aware that this is similar to gambling and there is high risk associated with it. It is more than likely that you are going to lose a significant amount of satoshis if you play this game. I would stay away from it. You can try it with a small amount and see if you can win.

Additionally, you can create your own PTC ad. You set the call to action, URL and the amount of time the ad must be viewed. This ad will be shown to other Cointiply users. Similarly, you can view other users’ ads and earn satoshi.

Another way to earn from Cointiply is to play their games. Cointiply has a variety of games available. These games are mainly puzzle games. You will be rewarded 35 coins each time your activity bar fills up.

Once you have more than 35,000 coins, you can earn a 5% annual interest. Option to earn interest is off by default, but you can enable it on settings. Additionally, you can upgrade your Cointiply account to a premium account. The benefits of premium include no advertisements, boosted Cointiply wager, among many other benefits.

Create a Cointiply account here.


bitcoinget bitcoin microtasksThis is rather a simple platform to earn cryptocurrency completing micro-tasks. Bitcoinget is very simple in design and easier to navigate. The two main ways to earn are jobs and surveys. The jobs section lists out all available jobs for you. These jobs include researching, commenting, tweeting among many others.

Survey section lists out available surveys for you. Before you start doing surveys, you are required to complete your profile. Please, make sure you provide accurate information as it will determine if your survey answers are accurate and also filter the best-suited surveys for you.

Additionally, you can watch videos and complete offers to earn satoshis. Offers include signing up to a service or completing a survey. Bitcoinget is affiliated with Coinrebates to reward you satoshis, each time you purchase a product. You are rewarded 100 bits additionally for your initial purchase.

Create a Bitcoinget account here.


bituroBituro is a micro-task platform for your iPhone or Android. The web version is also available but the functionality is limited. The main way of earning from Bituro is from surveys. There are multiple survey platforms affiliated with Bituro. You are required to complete your survey profile before you start earning from them.

If you are good at guessing Bitcoin’s price, you can play their “Guess Right” game. Each day, the user who guessed closest to the Bitcoin price will be rewarded. The amount you win is proportional to the number of users participating in the game. Playing this game will cost you a token. Every time you earn 50 points, completing surveys, you will be rewarded a token.

You can redeem earned points for Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal and gift cards. At this time, 1000 points can be redeemed for $1 worth of BTC, ETH, USD. Additionally, when you install the mobile app, you will be granted 100 free points.

Create a Bituro account here.


Earn is a platform that rewards you for answering emails and completing small tasks. There are a few ways to earn from this platform. You can set up your public profile to receive paid messages or join a list of people with similar skills.

Additionally, users can pay to send an email to a network of CEOs or VCs and then pay to receive a response. You are required to verify your identity when you set up your account.

Other Platforms to Earn Cryptocurrency

CoinTasker and BTC Micro Tasks are similar micro-task platforms that reward you in cryptocurrency. Check out our article “10 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency While Browsing the Internet


Don’t expect to become a millionaire doing micro-tasks. However, the above-mentioned platforms can slowly accumulate coins to a significant amount if you do micro tasks regularly and especially if cryptocurrency prices skyrocket.