Top Ways To Earn Bitcoin On Android

Top Ways To Earn Bitcoin On Android

There are so many Android apps that promise users free Bitcoin for completing simple tasks like watching videos, playing games, or completing surveys. These apps reward users with small fractions of a Bitcoin called Satoshis. Not every app listed on the Google Play Store is legit. Some apps enable you to mine cryptocurrency using android. Although mining is possible using an android, it is not worthwhile. Google recently banned cryptocurrency mining apps from the Google Play Store. So, mining apps are not included on this list.

It is essential to understand that earning Bitcoin and cryptocurrency using an android takes a lot of time. You would have to put a lot of hours for an extended period (months) to earn a tiny amount of Bitcoin/cryptocurrency. What is worse is there is a payment threshold you need to reach before requesting a payout. Your time and effort aren’t worth for apps like these.

Although it is still possible to make money using an Android smartphone. Here are some of the best Android apps that can actually make you good money:


Binance is one of the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto space. They provide an Android app to buy & sell cryptocurrency, futures trade and margin trade. The Binance Android app can also function as a cryptocurrency wallet. If you know when to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you can make a lot of money trading cryptocurrency.

If you don’t own any cryptocurrency, you can buy some from Binance itself. Users can buy cryptocurrency with USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and other currencies.


CointiplyThis is a cryptocurrency faucet. We excluded many faucets from this list, but this is one of the few faucets that can actually make you some money.

Cointiply does have an Android app version, but the web version works just fine on your Android smartphone. All you have to do is bookmark Cointiply on your Android web browser and start completing tasks.

These tasks include: rolling the faucet every hour, watching ads, doing surveys, mining, etc.

freebitcoinFreebitcoin is another faucet that enables you to earn bitcoin from your Android smartphone. You get to roll a dice every hour to earn small fractions of bitcoin. This faucet is one of the oldest and highest paying faucets in the crypto space.

To earn the most from Freebitcoin, you need to refer new people using your referral link. When they earn, a commission is given to you. This way, you can quickly accumulate a significant amount. You can play their betting game to gain some more bitcoin.


EobotEobot is a bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange as well as a cloud mining service. What is great about Eobot is that they let you exchange very small amounts of cryptocurrency. Using Eobot, you can buy a very small amount of hash power and mine cryptocurrency. They sell 10-year and 24-hour SHA-256 mining contracts.

To earn from an Android, all you have to do is mine cryptocurrencies that are likely to increase in value in the future. You can easily alternate between mining different cryptocurrencies. Eobot also has an Android app to watch and manage cryptocurrency mining.


NicehashNicehash is a hash power marketplace. As of now, Nicehash does not have an Android app, but the web version works just fine on the Android web browser. Nicehash is a service where mining rig owners sell hash power to hash power buyers. Nicehash takes a small fee for matching buyers with sellers. Almost every hashing algorithm is listed on the Nicehash website. Which means you can mine any cryptocurrency you want.

If you are confident that a cryptocurrency is going to appreciate, start mining that coin. A vast number of cryptocurrencies aren’t listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Mining is the only way to obtain them. If you haven’t bought hash power before, using Nicehash can be quite confusing. Check out our guide here. allows users to answer messages and complete simple tasks in exchange for Bitcoin. All you have to do is create a profile, allowing others to send messages and tasks to you. After you successfully answer a message or complete a task, you will be rewarded in Bitcoin. Later, you can withdraw these funds to your Bitcoin wallet. has an Android app version as well. So, you can do all that using your android smartphone. To earn the most from this app, you must have a good reputation.

Update: is no longer available. Although, the Android app is still listed on the Google Play Store.

Coinbase Earn

Thanks to Coinbase Earn, now you can learn about crypto and earn crypto. How you earn is quite simple:

  1. Watch educational videos about different cryptocurrency
  2. Complete quizzes, testing your knowledge.
  3. Crypto is sent to your Coinnase wallet.
  4. Repeat.

You can do all that using your Android web browser. Don’t expect to earn a significant amount of cryptocurrency using this method. Although, it is still a fun and engaging way of earning cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Sports Betting

CloudBetToday, there are so many betting sites that allow users to bet on sports with bitcoin/cryptocurrency. These sites are very similar to traditional online betting services. Most betting sites offer new users with crypto bonuses when signing up. Bitcoin/cryptocurrency betting sites have many advantages compared to traditional betting sites, including faster transaction times, increased security, and lower fees. All these bettings sites can be used with your Android web browser.

Here are some of the best bitcoin/cryptocurrency betting sites:

Betting is a risky venture. If you aren’t careful, you can lose a significant amount of money quite fast. Please be mindful and bet with caution.


There are so many games on the Google Play Store that promises to reward users with Bitcoin. However, the amount of Bitcoin you can earn from those apps is negligible.

Above are some of the best ways to earn Bitcoin on Android. Some of the methods listed above, require you to invest some cryptocurrency onto their site. If you have the skill and patience to master the methods mentioned above, you can earn a significant amount of Bitcoin.